Grazie a Aleph …

Grazie a Aleph

William, it was really nothing
You are “William, it was really nothing”
You are your own person, and you enjoy solitude.
You think falling in love would be nice, but
it’s not that important and usually doesn’t end
well, so typically you don’t waste your time
pursuing it, and you don’t understand why other
people do. You’ve got better things to do. Your
work, your art, and your experience is what’s
really important to you. You may be a little
bitter, and at times depressed, but what great
artist isn’t?

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4 pensieri riguardo “Grazie a Aleph …”

  1. You are “Sheila take a bow.” You know that life hurts, and you’ve had your share of pain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time. You know the importance of not dwelling on your problems. You have a generally positive outlook, and you are a really good friend. :o)

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